5 Things Every Bride and Groom Should Do the Morning of Their Wedding Day



Wedding Planning


Have a good breakfast! Make sure to eat a healthy meal to get energized for the rest of the day! You’ll be in hair and make up all morning, followed by the first look, ceremony, bridal party photos, and straight into the reception. Chances are you’ll only have a few snacks throughout the day and the next meal you have will be dinner at the reception around 6 pm. For breakfast, you want to go for foods that digest easy, have enough protein, healthy fats, and prevent bloating. Think along the lines of oatmeal (steel cut) with mixed berries or an omelette with veggies such as spinach or asparagus. Most importantly, remember to stay hydrated! Water with lemon and mint is great for preventing bloating and keeping you energized throughout the day!

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Make a day of it! Relax, have fun with your bridesmaids/groomsmen, don’t rush, take all the time you need to get yourself looking (and feeling) your best. Quick tip for the bride: Wear a button down shirt when getting your hair and make up done!

Read letters form one another. Traditionally, the bride and groom would write each other a short and sweet note, or letter, for the other to read on the morning of the wedding. Make sure to take some time to sit down, take a breath, enjoy a beverage of your choice, and read the note from your beloved. It will make you slow down and remind you of what’s important amidst the chaos that “getting ready” can be.

Toasting. Beautiful bride, have a champagne toast with your bridesmaids. Charming groom, toast with your groomsmen. It will help you loosen up and give you a chance to appreciate the moment, appreciate the love and support in your life. All the people present are there to celebrate you and the new chapter in your life.

Take a breath mint before you leave for the ceremony. Having fresh breath will only make you smile brighter and give you an extra confidence boost walking down the aisle.

And of course, enjoy each and every moment! Have fun!




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