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5 Unique Ideas to Try at Your Wedding



Wedding Planning


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life however, not only are you anticipating the day, your guests are too! Adding your own personal touch of activities to your reception while keeping your guests in mind will be sure to make your big day one for the books. Here are 5 unique ideas to try at your wedding that you and your guests will absolutely love.

  1. Polaroid Guest Book & Bucket List: As opposed to having a traditional written guestbook, have each of your guests take their photo with a provided polaroid and write a bucket list idea on the bottom/back to add a fun touch! In the future, when you feel like you’re in need of an adventure, blindly grab a photo and complete the task the guest(s) wrote!
  2. Lantern Send-off: Taking a unique twist on the traditional send off, have your guests light and release floating lanterns into the night sky as you and your new spouse drive off into ‘happily ever after.’
  3. Anniversary Piñata: Have your guests write a note (joke, genuine message, prediction, encouragement etc.) and have them insert it into a piñata, when your 1-year anniversary comes along, you can pop it open and enjoy all the notes from your guests and have a few laughs.
  4. DIY Dessert Bar: Whether it be ice-cream sundaes, s’mores, or a candy bar, create a rustic DIY table for your guests to create their own sweet treats! Your entire wedding is planned perfectly to a T, so letting your guests get creative will surely be a memorable addition; kids will especially love this idea too!
  5. Game Projector: A simple, yet outrageously fun idea is to project a multiplayer game at your reception for all your guests to enjoy. Not only will it be sure to keep all the kids occupied, but the adults will have a blast, not to mention having a “Dance Dance Revolution” competition as newlyweds will be a memorable way to start your marriage!

Which of these is your favourite? Let us know if you try any, or if you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear from you!




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