The Benefits of a Wedding Website



Wedding Planning


Back in the day, everyone did wedding invites, RSVPs, and organization pretty much the same way: send out an invitation via snail mail, receive back RSVP cards the same way. But now that the internet pretty much runs our lives, it makes sense that there are online options for organizing wedding details.

So why would you want a wedding website? Let me count the ways.

  1. Share all your details
    Let’s face it, it’s hard to cram in everything you want your guests to know on one tiny invite. Having a website allows you to communicate to your guests all the details about your big day as you’d like, with no space constraints! Link your website on your invites and save yourself the trouble of trying to fit it all in.
  2. Connect with your guests
    Share pictures from your time as a couple, talk about how you first met, divulge honeymoon plans—you can really use a wedding website to share history and connect to your guests. Plus, most websites have a guestbook feature where people can write encouraging messages.
  3. Keep it organized
    Honestly, trying to keep track of all the returned RSVPs can be a bit of a nightmare. You’re hoping none got lost in the mail (or your junk drawer, I’m not judging!), get eaten by the dog, or become wet and illegible. Assuming they all do make it to you unscathed, you still have to keep them all straight and manually record who’s coming and who’s not. Moving to an online RSVP via your wedding website means everything is organized for you instead. Plus, your guests will appreciate having an online source instead of having to remember to mail back your RSVP before the deadline.
  4. It’s easier
    Having a website is just more simple, for both you and your guests. One place to check all the details, quickly get directions to the venue, see if kids are welcome, buy and ship a gift from the registry, etc. This stops your phone from blowing up with curious guests with curious questions, leaving more time for you to focus on all the things you need to do to be ready. People live online these days and prefer virtual options. Plus, a lot of wedding websites are free!


If you’re looking for some website recommendations, The Knot, Minted, and Wix are pretty popular. They’re also pretty tech-friendly—just follow the prompts to plug in info where you need it, upload your guest list, and manage notifications. As always, if you want help setting it up or with any of your wedding details, drop me a line!



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