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The date is set, your bridal party has said yes, and you’re in the throes of planning a wedding. During this busy time, some of the best support you’ll get is from your bridal party. They will help you find a dress, plan your bachelorette, and wade through all your Pinterest boards to narrow down your overall design. Your bridal party will help keep you grounded, and you’ll want to thank them!

It’s customary to give a gift to each member of your bridal party as a form of thanks and appreciation. Your gift can be as extravagant or as cost effective as your budget allows—as long as it comes from the heart, your best pals will love it.  Looking for inspiration? Here are some bridal party gift ideas:


A popular bridal party gift is jewelry, often a bracelet, earrings, or necklace to be worn on the wedding day. A simple pendant, heart, or elegantly inscribed “bridesmaid” will be a piece that your party can wear beyond just your big day.


Personalized drink tumblers, coffee mugs, or even champagne flutes will create fond memories with every Starbucks run. There are a ton of cute options out there, and this is a gift that is totally practical for day to day use.

Theme Basket

Do the members of your bridal party like movies? Sports? Bath accessories? Wine? Create a basket for each friend, tailored to their specific interests. Your favourite DVD, movie tickets, some popcorn, and a coupon for free childcare (provided by you, of course) will feel really special to that busy parent who struggles to get out without the kids. Some high-quality bath soap with a bottle of wine will speak volumes to your friend that likes to relax. Get creative and personal with it!

Emergency Kits

Head to Etsy to pick up your monogrammed zippered totes, then fill them with all the essentials for a seamless night out. A mini sewing kit, travel pack of Band-Aids, Tide spot remover pen, a pair of Rescue Flats, travel deodorant or body spray, neutral lip gloss… the possibilities are endless! These kits are obviously useful during your wedding, but will continue saving the day long after you’ve tied the knot.

Matching Robes

Getting ready the morning of requires a lot of coordination! Nobody wants makeup on their pristine outfit, so gifting your bridal party with matching silk robes will help take that risk away. Plus, having a silky robe to slip into just feels fancy and sets the right tone for the day.


There is no right or wrong gift for your bridal party, and the options are many. Pinterest is a great place to look for even more inspiration!



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