How to Choose a Wedding Caterer

Everything you should ask before making the big decision



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Weddings require planning. From the big things like venue, photographer, and guest list, to smaller details like place settings and favours, I know it can seem daunting. As someone who designs a lot of weddings, I’m here to share some tips and tricks to make planning your big day a little bit easier. Don’t worry—when you know what to look for, planning a wedding is fun!

There is no shortage of wedding caterers, particularly if you’re from a larger urban city. And, from a distance, they can all seem so similar.  So how do you choose?  Here are eight questions you can ask a potential caterer to narrow down your list of contenders.

Do you create custom menus?

Are you able to create your own menu, or do you need to stick with their premade options? The latter might be okay if you like what they’ve created, but won’t serve you well if you want to tweak the menu a bit.


What is your specialty cuisine?

Find out what the caterer makes really, really well. Does that align with the cuisine you had in mind? It’s always best to seek out a caterer that specializes in the food you’re interested in or that is local to your family.


How do you accommodate allergies?

We are much more informed about food allergies these days, so it’s a safe bet that at least one of your guests will need some options that are safe for them. Is the caterer equipped to do this? How have they handled allergies in the past?


Do you offer vegan alternatives?

Similar to allergies mentioned above, some guests may need food that is made without animal products. Is the caterer able to accommodate this?


Do you offer tastings and, if so, what is the charge?

Tastings are arguably the most fun (and most delicious!) part of choosing a caterer. It’s also a great way to get a feel for the style and quality of the caterer’s food. Pay attention to whether or not a caterer offers this, and how much they charge you for it.


How many staff do you provide? What is their attire?

Will they provide enough people to serve your size of wedding? Do they have a standard uniform and does it compliment the dress you’d like at your event?


Do you provide tableware rentals like dishes, china, flatware, etc.?

It can make life a lot easier to get all the tableware from the same place that is catering your food. Does the caterer you’re considering also offer that service?


How much time do you need for set up and tear down?

Depending on your venue, your set up and tear down time may vary. Can your caterer get what they need done in the amount of time they have?

I hope these questions are helpful! Finding out the smaller details can help determine the right caterer for you.




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