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How to Choose a Wedding DJ



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There is only one rule to finding the perfect DJ or band: make sure you have a connection. Do they truly understand you, your personality, and your music style? The more you can connect over Bon Jovi, John Legend, Beyonce, or whoever else gets you up off your seat and on to the dance floor, the easier it will be for your DJ to choose the right songs and make you dance the night away. The DJ or band usually cover three main parts of the wedding day: the ceremony, the cocktail hour & dinner, and the party!

Let’s start off with the ceremony. It’s completely up to you and your musical tastes as to what you would like for the ceremony. Although you can opt for a DJ which often tend to be a little more budget friendly, many prefer to have live music. In Calgary and the Rockies we are very lucky to have a variety of options to choose from including harpists, pianists, guitarists, violinists, and string duos or trios among many others. Live music has always had a special place in our hearts, there’s something incredibly romantic about walking down the aisle to a harp.

The best wedding cocktail hour and dinner music is usually jazz, soul, or lounge music. During this time your guests will be mingling, enjoying savory food, and gushing over how gorgeous you were walking down the aisle. So all you really need is just some background music to set the ambiance. During this time we see DJs as much as live bands.

Now for the party! If you’re a party animal itching for the next Bruno Mars song to come on, a DJ is your way to go! For this part of the night, most DJs can accommodate any and all requests and music tastes. Just tell them what to play and what not to play. After your initial consultation, a good DJ will have a pretty good idea of who you are, what gets you up on your feet, as well as what your family and friends may enjoy. On the other hand, we also see a lot of jazz bands or latin bands if that’s what your heart desires. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to music. Choose anything you like, we’re celebrating you after all!

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential DJs or bands, here a few important questions to ask them during your consultation:

1. What types of music do they play?

2. How far in advance do you need to secure their services?

3. Do they accommodate song requests?

4. How many hours are included in their package?

5. Can extra hours be added? If so, what is the fee?

6. Can you submit a “ban” list? (Songs you do not want to be played!)

7. Will they be able to introduce events such as the first dance, shoe game, etc.?

8. Do they have any special electrical requirements?

9. Do they provide any other services such as lighting?

10. Do they provide a wireless microphone?

11. How much room do they need beside the dance floor?

12. How much time do they require for set up and tear down?

13. Are they able to accommodate the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at your specified locations?

14. Can they provide references such as previous clients?

15. Who specifically will be DJ-ing? Are there multiple DJs or back-ups in case of illness?

Quick Tip: for a fun addition, add a space on your RSVPs for your guests to write down their song request!

We hope you find these tips helpful in finding your perfect DJ or band!




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