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The number one regret we hear from newlyweds repeatedly, is that they didn’t bother investing in a videographer. In our books, a videographer is a must for several reasons. The first and foremost being your vows. How incredible would it be to have your vows recorded on video for you to share with your children 10 years down the road? Imagine if you had the opportunity to see a video, from the ceremony to the sparkler sendoff, of your great grandparents’ wedding.

Secondly, you simply won’t be able to see and experience every part of your wedding through your own eyes. Normally, the bride wouldn’t get to see how the groom was getting ready and trying to tie that tie five times before he got it perfectly, and in turn, the groom wouldn’t see the bride touching up her make-up, her hands shaking a little, and taking one last deep breath before she had to step out the door. You’d never get to see the anticipation of your wedding guests, the tear your father swiftly wiped away during your first dance, and your favourite aunt’s unforgettable laugh during her heartwarming toast.

Having a videographer is a second chance for you to relive your wedding from a different point of view and see details you would’ve never seen otherwise. Now imagine sitting down after the wedding, glass of wine in hand, seeing all these beautiful moments and being able to hear your vows once again…

When you’ve narrowed down your list of potential videographers, here a few important questions to ask them during your consultation:

  1. How many years of experience do they have in wedding videography?
  2. What is their style of videography? (Cinematic, Classic, Modern Abstract, etc.)
  3. Have they ever shot at your chosen wedding venue before?
  4. What exactly is included in their package?
  5. How many hours of coverage is included? What do they charge for overtime?
  6. Will they be working independently or will there be a second or third shooter?
  7. How many cameras do they use?
  8. How long do they keep your videos on file after the wedding?
  9. When can you expect to receive your wedding video?
  10. What happens if they become ill? Will they provide a backup videographer
  11. What delivery method will they use to give you the footage afterwards? (USB stick, CD, etc.)

Tip: create a list of some of your favourite romantic songs you’d like to hear in your video for your videographer to use during editing!

Being flexible with your overall vision is also something important to keep in mind, more often than not letting the professionals do their thing will reap a fantastic reward in the end!

Good luck in finding your perfect videographer, and feel free to ask us for any recommendations!




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