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YAY!!! What an incredible feeling. The nervousness for the future, the overwhelmed emotions from the wedding planning to be done, but best of all, the excitement of spending the rest of your life with your best friend and the love of your life. Cherish this moment and the thrill of telling all your friends and family the exciting news! Because yes, lots of hard work is about to creep into your life (on average, 250 hours worth!) QUICK TIP: Hire a wedding planner! You’ll be amazed by the amount of time and money you will save as well as the priceless peace and confidence that you will get out of being guided by a professional in such a complex journey!

So where do you start? As with anything in life, first you need to determine what you want. Where do you want to get married? What kind of food would you like to have? What kind of music? Atmosphere? Entertainment? Already too many thoughts running through your head? Try checking out a local bridal show. There you will get to see the latest trends and get some inspiration for your wedding. You will also get a chance to meet and chat with your local wedding experts in one place at the same time. Think of it like speed dating but with wedding professionals! Wedding planners, designers, DJs, caterers, florists, venue coordinators, and others will all be there to answer your questions, so make sure to ask! All of them are there for you and your big day. You don’t want to be coming home and having to discuss simple questions over lengthy emails or doing hours of research for something you could’ve asked in person. If you see someone you REALLY like, book a meeting with them right away. Wedding dates fill up quickly. Make sure to take advantage of the countless raffles too and who knows, maybe you’ll win a free honeymoon.

With all the jittery feelings aside, here’s a few helpful tips to get you started on your wedding planning journey:

  • Create an email dedicated only to wedding related topics. That way any important vendor emails or exciting special offers won’t get mixed up or lost in between your daily mail.
  • Get organized from the start. Start a binder for you wedding details, a notebook for to do lists, and a dream board for your wedding inspiration. You will have numerous information packages, contracts, conversations, pictures, and your budget to keep track of! Decide on a system that works best for you. Make sure to use a wedding planning checklist as well and work through it step by step. Although it may seem like a lot, everything will fun into place at the end.
  • Book as many services as you can from a single vendor. Bundling and ordering multiple services can get you a pretty nice discount! Especially if your wedding is out of town, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on transportation costs by ordering multiple services through one vendor instead of hiring numerous vendors and paying each one a hefty fee.
  • Decide on the approximate number of guests before booking the venue. This will eliminate any stress that may arise from booking a venue you love but not having enough room for your guests to move around freely and comfortably.
  • Sign up for a credit card with a great rewards program to take care of all your high cost wedding expenses. You can easily accumulate thousands of points or airline miles which you could then use for your honeymoon!
  • Keep in mind that the easiest way to cut your wedding budget is by cutting your guest list. The majority of your expenses will go towards food and drinks. So if you are spending $120 per person, removing one table can save you upwards of $1200.

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