Entertaining Kids at Your Wedding



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Let’s face it, weddings have historically not been very exciting for children. Quiet ceremonies, formal dinners, and heartfelt speeches aren’t exactly a kid’s definition of a fun time. If you’re like most people, you may have children in your life that you want at your special day—so how can you keep them entertained and still have the celebration you want?


Kids Table

One relatively easy way to incorporate the kids is by setting aside a table just for them. Provide crayons and throw down butcher paper instead of a tablecloth for artistic fun. Make the centrepiece interactive (like a bowl full of Lego), and include some simple games like Uno, wedding-themed I Spy, or word searches. When it comes time for the toasts, give them their own sparkling beverage like apple cider so they feel part of those tender moments.


Hire a Babysitter

If there are going to be a few children at your wedding, consider hiring a babysitter to stay in the room for the night and help keep them entertained. They might facilitate games, invent silly dance moves, and keep the kids contained. This provides direction for the youngsters, and the parents will be so appreciative!


Photo Booth

A photo booth is a pretty popular feature at weddings these days, and they are fun for both adults and kids alike! Kids love to play dress up and take pictures, so allow them to return as many times as they want. This is where the babysitter may come in handy, to help them operate the booth.


Outdoor Games

If your wedding is outdoors, you can set up a few carnival-esque games like ring toss to make it fun for the youngsters. A bubble station is also an inexpensive option to provide hours of glee.


Pizza and a Movie

If your venue allows, set up a separate area or adjoining room, throw on a Disney movie, and order pizza. You can’t go wrong with a little Frozen entertainment!


With a bit of planning and intention, you can facilitate kid-friendly activities to save everyone’s sanity. The kids will have a blast, and the parents will love that you incorporated their little ones into your special day. If you’re looking for even more ideas, Pinterest is chock-full of creative solutions.



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