How To Find the Perfect Wedding Venue



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Finding the perfect venue can be one of the greatest challenges of the entire wedding planning! There are so many different things to consider: do they offer catering, décor packages, or in-house entertainment? Is there a minimum guest requirement? If it is an outdoor venue, is there an indoor backup location? Now don’t get overwhelmed, take a step back, remember you’re getting married to the love of your life. Let’s start from the beginning. Yes, this may be a lengthy process with crossing off venues one by one, but once you find the perfect venue, it’ll feel like a huge step in the right direction. Here are three of the most important decision to make, to take your search for the perfect venue in the right direction:

1.       What is your budget? Wedding expenses are infinite, decide on your budget and stick to it. The wedding venue along with food and beverages can account for upwards of 60% of your budget.

2.       How many guests are you looking to invite? Knowing the approximate number of guests is extremely important. You don’t want to book a venue one year prior to the big day with a maximum capacity of 50, later invite 150 guests, and be forced to start looking for a new venue only a few months out from your wedding day.

3.       How do you envision your wedding? To narrow down your search, really think about what you want. A whimsical and casual Sunday brunch wedding or maybe a formal ballroom sit down? Knowing what your perfect wedding is to you will help you find the venue that is perfect for you.

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