How to Hack Your Wedding Day to Make Your Life Easier



Wedding Planning


You’ve made a budget, chosen the caterer, picked a venue and DJ, decided on a colour scheme, and taken care of all details that come with planning a wedding. Now it’s finally the big day! The execution of your wedding day still requires a lot of coordination, no matter how much you’ve planned, but there are some steps you can take to make your big day easier.


  • Break in your shoes. If you’re wearing a brand new pair of shoes, especially if they’re heels, make sure you break them in a couple of weeks before your wedding. Nobody wants to face unexpected blisters when they’re trying to boogie!  Also, bring a second pair of comfortable flats that you can switch into if needed—you’ll feel better knowing you have a backup.


  • Keep it clean. Smashing cake into your partner’s face is good for a laugh, but you still have the whole night ahead of you (with lots of photos left to be taken). Save yourself from having to clean up your dress and your face by toning down the cake smash.


  • Display your accessories. You’ll save your photographer time and effort by having your weddings rings, stationery, centrepieces, accessories, and any other details you want captured out and ready for photographing.


  • Curate your playlist. Provide your DJ with both a must play and a do-not play list ahead of your big day, so that they have time to curate a playlist that you will truly enjoy. Defining your music preferences will ensure that you hear all the tunes that hold meaning for you (or that you just like to dance to), and avoid any songs that you really would rather not hear. Macarena, anyone?


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember that you’re there to celebrate your love with family and friends. If anything doesn’t go quite as planned, don’t worry! In the big picture, those small mishaps don’t even matter, and your guests will remember your day for the love and laughter instead.


  • Celebrate! You did it! Your wedding day is all about you, so make sure you take the time to actually enjoy it. Let loose, celebrate yourself, dance at your reception, and have fun!  If you’re worried about having the time to simply enjoy the day, consider hiring a wedding planner for day-of coordination and have them worry about logistics for you.


With some intentional planning, you can make sure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible. Congratulations on celebrating this amazing milestone in your love story.



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