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First off, take a deep breath, we promise it’s not as difficult as you may think! You may be enticed to ask all of your closest friends to be in your bridal party as soon as you get engaged, but it is wise to stop yourself and plan it out a little. Start off with deciding what expectations you would have for these individuals.

Consider the following:

1. Do you want each bridal party member to be heavily involved in the wedding planning process, giving you advice and assisting you every step of the way?

2. Do you want the planning process to lay on your shoulders and simply have your bridal party be there for the moral support?

3. Do you want them to just be present on the big day and not get involved with any wedding planning at all?

Once you have decided on your expectations, you can think about the individuals who are most likely to best fulfill them. Got some people in mind? Wonderful! Now how would they all interact with one another? Will anyone stick out? Any potential disasters that could arise? If yes, let’s think about a replacement. If no? Perfect!

Tip: If you’re slightly on the fence about asking a particular friend to be in your wedding party, consider how they would fit in with the rest of your party members. If you don’t think they will fit well, you might want to consider leaving them off the list!

Standing out with a man of honour or a best-woman is a lovely way to create a unique bridal party even though it may not be traditional! What is most important is that you include those closest to you.



There is no set requirement for bridal party size, but most average 6-10 people including the bride and groom. If you have too many friends or siblings you want to include but don’t have room in the bridal party, there are various other roles they can fill such as ushers, ceremony readers, or even a page for the bride!

Have fun assembling your A-team and let us know if you have any questions below!




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