How To Decide On A Wedding Budget



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You’ve met your person, fallen in love, gotten engaged.  Congratulations!  Now you’re working on planning all the wedding details.  But before you can do that, you need to know how much you’re willing to spend.  You grew up with the tales of your grandma’s $500 wedding and saw Kim Kardashian’s million dollar extravaganza, so you know that prices vary greatly.  How do you decide what wedding budget is right for you?


What are your goals beyond your wedding?

Are you aspiring homeowners? Do you want to travel? Have kids? Go back to school?  Your wedding is magical and special, but it is only one day out of the rest of your lives.  Think about what you have available in savings, how quickly you can replenish it if it is depleted, and what your future goals are.  It may not make sense to spend everything you have on your wedding if your other goals carry a lot of weight.


What do you value?

Are large weddings cherished in your family or community?  Or would you rather celebrate with just your closest family and friends?  Do you put more emphasis on the engagement and wedding rings, the items that will last a lifetime, than the actual wedding day?  Or is the party with your dearest humans what you’re looking most forward to?  There are no right or wrong answers, and determining what matters most to you will help you shape your budget.


Are you getting help?

Is anyone contributing to your wedding fund, or will the entire expense be out of your own pocket?  Having help can greatly influence your budget, so it’s important to know where all the funds are coming from.


How many people will you invite?

The general rule of thumb is the smaller the guest list, the lower the budget.  Fewer people in attendance means you can rent a smaller venue, spend less on per-person catering, etc.   If you’re interested in keeping your big day cost-friendly, consider reducing your invitation list.


Where and when will it be?

Some locations are just more expensive to host a wedding than others.  Similarly, some seasons or even days of the week are in more demand, and thus cost more.  If you want to get married downtown in a big urban centre, or in the middle of wedding season at a popular venue, you’ll need to allocate more to your budget.


If you’re still feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how much to spend and on what, ask for help!  Wedding planners have had a lot of exposure to all kind of weddings, and we’re really well-versed in how much things cost.  One of the services I offer is budget creation, helping you sort out what would be realistic for your wedding and life goals. So if you think you need a little help, shoot me a message and let’s chat over coffee!




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