How to Plan Your Wedding with These 11 Clever Hacks



Wedding Planning


There are so many things that go into planning a wedding, and it can be difficult to know where to start.  Couple that with the endless Pinterest and Google searches for tips, and it can be downright overwhelming! Over the years of planning weddings, here are my eleven planning “hacks” that really do make life easier.

1. Number your RSVPs.

Keep your invite list on a spreadsheet, and write the corresponding row number of the person’s name on their RSVP. So if Emily Smith appears on row 13 on your spreadsheet, she would be RSVP #13. This way, you won’t have to contend with smudged or indecipherable writing when the RSVPs are returned to you—for any hard-to-read replies, simply match up the number with the spreadsheet!

2. Use water instead of saliva.

Even for smaller weddings, there is a lot of mail to seal! Save yourself from a serious case of dry mouth by using water and a foam sponge to seal envelopes instead.

3. Automate your return address.

Handwriting your address hundreds of times is bound to give you a hand cramp. Get a personalized return address stamp made, or pre-print cute address labels to peel and stick onto your envelopes (and RSVP return envelopes) to save both time and sanity.

4. Have a separate email.

Create a separate email account for all wedding planning business or, at the very least, create a wedding folder and label within your inbox for easy sorting. There will be a lot of wedding related correspondence that can quickly take over your mail.

5. Make it colourful.

Colour code your seating chart so you can quickly and effortlessly make changes to it. Blue for family, red for close friends, etc. Having the colour visual really helps with organization.

6. Throw in some push ups.

Many people work hard to tone up for the wedding with endless cardio, but forget the arms and back! These are the most visible parts in a wedding dress, so nearly all photos will feature them.  Try out some strength training to sculpt the arms and back.

7. Weigh it down.

If there’s a chance of wind during your ceremony or pictures, attach tiny weights to the inside of your bridesmaids’ dress hems. This will keep their dresses from flying up accidentally!

8. Program = fan.

If it’s going to be hot during your ceremony, print a sturdy wedding program that can double as a fan. Your guests will appreciate having a way to cool off.

9. Two words: baby powder.

Wedding dresses can get very, very  Use some good old-fashioned baby powder on areas that are prone to chafing (girls, you know what I’m talking about…inner thighs and underboob) to help stave off the sweat.

10. Go wireless.

For guests at the back of the ceremony, it can be hard to hear what’s going on. Arrange for wireless or lapel mics, along with speakers, to make sure everyone can hear you exchange your vows.  Remember that wind picks up on mics super easily though, so if it’s particularly gusty where you are, you may have to improvise.

11. Scale back the cake.

If you’re serving dessert with dinner and saving the cake for later on in the night, on average, only 35-55% of your guests will actually try your wedding cake. If you’re ordering a big cake, be prepared and make arrangements to take a large portion of it home. Otherwise, you can also go for a sweet, delicate six inch cutting cake and match it with an arrangement of donuts, cake pops, or mini cupcakes!

Incorporating these hacks into your wedding planning will save your time and your sanity.  As always, if you need more help, let’s chat about how I can take even more off your plate and take care of some of these details for you. Congratulations!



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