Wedding Decorator or Wedding Designer?

Same or Different



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On the surface, wedding decorating can seem pretty darn similar to wedding design.  When you’re in the throes of navigating all the details for the big day, figuring out which service you need can be a bit confusing. Wedding decorators do differ from wedding designers, so let’s dig deeper into each one.


Wedding Decorator

A wedding decorator is a great choice if you already know what you want for your linens, tableware, centrepieces, etc. If you have the design and look in mind, a wedding decorator will help you put your ideas together. They’ll rent out their décor and take care of the set up and tear down on the day of.  You might, however, be limited to the décor the decorator already owns. This means you may have to spend time looking for a decorator that has décor that matches your vision. In addition, any personal items you add to the design are not usually within the scope of the decorator, leaving you responsible for carefully arranging all those handmade centrepieces or passing out the party favours.

A wedding decorator may be the right choice if you have a clear vision and predefined or limited personal touches.


Wedding Designer

A wedding designer is best if you want help conceptualizing the look and feel of your wedding, from stationery to décor to lighting. If you’re not sure yet what you want, or have an idea but are having trouble (or time constraints!) with how to tie it all together, a wedding designer can really save the day.  They’ll design each element from scratch, look at each part of the overall look, and make suggestions based on your personal style. Then, many designers take that design and make it come to life on your big day, sourcing décor and doing set up and tear down.

A wedding designer may be the right choice if you want help with your vision and expert advice on how to create and execute your wedding vision.


As there are many variations and levels of service, the most important part (as with anything) is to ask questions. Decide what you need from your vendor, make a list of questions you’d like to ask them, and bring that list along to meet and greets. If they have a website or social media page, see if they detail their services on there. Take a look at any photos or portfolios they have displayed and compare that to your personal taste. Going in knowing what you want (or at least knowing what you don’t want) can make narrowing down the list so much easier. If you already have a wedding planner, do check with them first! Many wedding planners do offer wedding design services as well (hint hint).




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