Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Dress: Most Flattering Wedding Dress Styles for Every Shape



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The two single most important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress is the shape and colour. Everybody’s body is unique to them with several dress styles more flattering than others, and with your own individual style, it may seem impossible to find exactly what you like. On top of all that, you also have to choose a shade of white that’s right for you. Just remember, as you walk into the salon, to keep an open mind. You may very well walk out with something completely different than you were expecting!

8 main wedding dress types, ballgown, a-line, modified a-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, tea-length, mini
  • For an hourglass shape, try out the A-Line, or Mermaid.
  • For a slender shape, try a Ball Gown, or an A-Line.
  • For a triangle shape, the A-Line or the Modified A-Line.
  • For a full figured shape, try the Sheath or Modified A-Line.
  • For a pear shape, the Trumpet or Sheath.

When choosing a white dress, you simply have to see which white looks best on you. As a rule of thumb, the darker your skin tone, the brighter the white you can wear.

Stark White: The purest and brightest of the whites there is. Best for the darker skin tones, can wash out the fair skinned ladies. Stark white dresses are usually made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester blends and satin.

Natural White: Also referred to as the Off-White is the natural fibers white, just a shade off from stark white. Usually you would not be able to tell the difference unless it was right beside a stark white wedding gown. Best for medium skin tones and skin tones with yellow undertones, but incredibly flattering to all others as well.

Ivory: Also known as “Eggshell”, has cream or yellow undertones which are flattering for fair skinned ladies or those with pink undertones. The warmer shade of white will add a glow to your skin.

And if you decide to go for a champagne, blush, lavender or any other coloured dress, send us a picture! We love seeing where the imagination of our modern brides will take them!

Keep in mind, all of these are just guidelines. Wear what you feel beautiful in!




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